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FREE TIC 300 PROWhen you purchase an AT-7000 or AT-3500 - until February 28th, 2017

Rigorously tested for safety: CE and ACMA compliant, as well as tested in Amprobe's state-of-the-art lab
Locates underground energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes
Ships complete, ready for use with receiver, transmitter, connection cable, ground stake and ground cable
Two passive and one active testing modes for best accuracy
Active mode depth measurement up to 16 feet (4.9m)
Semi-automatic gain control for fast signal location and control
33 kHz active frequency - best frequency for general locating
Precise pinpointing of buried services and exceptionally fast sound and meter response with backlight multiple-segment

Locates and traces energized and de-energized wires and breakers in floors, walls, and ceilings
Pinpoints shorts and opens Traces AC/DC Circuits from 0-600 V
Features three power modes

  • "High" power mode for normal circuits
  • "Low" power mode for precision tracing in difficult areas
  • Clamp power mode provides a boosted induction signal via the optional signal clamp
Offers two output frequency modes for optimal tracing
  • 6 kHz for energized circuits
  • 33 kHz for de-energized circuits

Provides embedded help screens to simplify setup Comes with custom Amprobe hard carrying case, test leads, and accessories Compatible with optional Signal Booster Rechargeable Battery Pack (BR-7000-T), Signal Clamp (SC-7000) clamp-on attachment, and TIC 410A Hot Stick attachment to extend your reach

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  • Non contact voltage indicator that allows you to sense voltage without having to touch the wire
  • Useful in both utility and industrial applications with both a low and high range
  • Applications include checking for voltage in power transmission lines, distribution equipment, downed power lines, fuses and load breaker connections
  • Two ranges: Low range detects from 30 V AC to 1500 V AC; high range detects voltage from 1,500 AC to 122,000 AC
  • Includes self Test, Visual and audible alerts

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